Thursday, January 28, 2016

Excerpt: Chapter 1 of Stay

Hey everyone,
   So as promised, I have an excerpt for you guys! I've been working on a story called Stay, based on the song called Stay by Florida Georgia Line with the chapters of the book being lyrics from the song. I haven't been updating it on Wattpad, and I don't want to until I get the whole thing down. That way, if I want to make changes to previous chapters, it won't be a big deal and I can do it before you guys see it.
   It's been taking me a while to write it because of my personal life and whatnot, but I'm about halfway through and I think it's time to show you a little bit of what I've been doing!
   Chapter one has been the same since a month ago, so I'm pretty sure that it's good enough to show you ;) Hope you guys enjoy!!! Be brutally honest and tell me what you all think!

Chapter 1: I’m Sorry

He watched her walk away from him- from their life- and stood helplessly as the door slammed shut. The physical pain he felt could never be described in just a few short words; it would take a whole book to explain the sudden emptiness in the air, like something-or someone- was missing, and a ten foot canvas to illustrate the gash in his heart.

He rushed towards the window, desperate to see her one last time. Her silky, brown hair blew around her in the Texas breeze, and showed off that gorgeous neck he used to kiss every morning. More tears threatened to come, but he shook it away. The last image of her will not be ruined and blurred by my foolish tears. Her face was set in determination, one of the infinite things he loved about her. Except this time, it was used against him, with her jaw set and eyes glued to her car to keep her from gazing his way. Roads of tears streak down her face and caused his hands to squeeze tighter on the window to keep himself from throwing the nearest object across the room.

I put those tears there. I put that pain in her eyes.

She opened the door and stood there, as if debating whether she should look back at him or not. Hope surged through him; his eyes started to glimmer, and his heart started to pump. Look at me. But the love of his life got in the car, igniting the engine while igniting his heart and burning it to ashes.

Her car started to fade, but he could’ve sworn she looked back. Just once.

I made her leave.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Extended Weekend!!!

Hey everyone! 
   I'm so happy to say that I have an extended weekend because of a big storm that's supposed to hit my area! Though I'm happy for no school, I'm still not going to love shoveling or the possible power outage... At least I'm charging up my laptop and phone as we speak (or I should say as I type...) so I get a chance to read and write! I'm so excited to maybe start writing again! 
   Speaking of my writing, I may or may not post an excerpt of the story I'm writing on! It's called Stay and based off of the song Stay by Florida Georgia Line. So stay tuned for that! 
   I hope I'll be back very soon with a book review or a story sneak peak! Gotta go get to work now ;) Bye everyone <3 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Between Shadows by Chanel Cleeton

*An e-copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*

   X lives by three rules: Show no weakness. Trust no one. Don't get caught. She lives by the rules they gave her. 
   The Academy- set in London, shrouded in secrecy- it trains spies, computer experts, and assassins. Their mission? Dispensing justice and altering the course of world politics. Or so they think. In a world where secrets are weapons and some kills are impossible to forget, everything X thought she knew about her life is about to change. 
   They taught her to fight. To blend into the shadows like a ghost, to operate on the fringes of society, to change her identity with ease. They taught her to kill. 
   She'll need every skill they taught her, to stay alive. 

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   Hey everyone! How is your 2016 going for you guys so far? I wish my break could last a couple more weeks... unfortunately, it has come to an end and I'm right back to studying my butt off. So I guess this counts as my break from all of that, haha. I've also been stressing out a little about what I want to do with my life, career-wise. My whole life, I've wanted to be a vet, but some turns and bumps in the road had me realize I didn't actually want to be that. So ever since I've been in high school, I've been on and off about a lot of career jobs. Now that I'm halfway into my junior year, it's time for me to find out what I really want. And I think I've found it! I just need to think and plan and all that stressful stuff haha.
 Anyways, I've been needing to review this book, but this is the first time I've gotten a chance to get back on my blog since the last time I was on here! Chanel Cleeton is so nice to talk to. If you don't follow her on Twitter... DO IT.
   Between Shadows is one of my favorite romance thrillers ever. I don't really read a lot of romance-type stuff so this is a big deal. What I really love most about it is that the whole romance part took more of a backseat while the thriller part just took the wheel. The story line was great and flowed really well with everything that was going on. Between Shadows is a great read if you want a faced-paced book with a whole lot of action, and not just the fighting kind ;)
   The two main characters are hella hot. I loved X and Luke. They make the perfect combat partner and actual partners in that romantic kind of way. Both of them are super strong, both mentally and physically. They work so fluidly together, it's impossible not to like their chemistry. And the best thing: I didn't get annoyed at all with either one of them! I actually want to see more of them :D It'd be cool if we saw a Luke POV of this book OMG.
   Haha, seriously. I also like how each of them, even when they know they're the only one they can trust, they still have a hard time doing it. It really showed how even love and history can't surpass fear. Not unless you're ready.
   I think the biggest compliment, but also the biggest criticism, I can supply for this book is that is was so closely related to a show called Nikita. The show has been cancelled for a while but it was one of my all-time favorite shows. I loved that Chanel took the basis of the show and tweeked around with the events, details, and characters, but I also didn't like how some things were just soooo similar. I get that authors use their favorite shows/movies and/or experiences as inspiration, but I wish I saw just a little more originality and creativity from this book. It was great being reminded of my favorite show, and because of Between Shadows I'm rewatching Nikita on Netflix, but I felt like I was always comparing the book to the show and vise-versa. When I read, I want to just solely be thinking about the book and the story line... and occasionally some memory that appears when I read.
   Other than that, I really really enjoyed this book. I can't wait until the next Assassin's novel is available! I want to thank Chanel for letting me review this book, and I hope you come to me if you need anything else! I also want to thank you guys, the readers, for making my 2015 great by reading my posts and Tweets. You guys are marvelous and I'm so happy to be starting another year with you guys!
   Love you guys, see you next week for another post!