Excerpt: Chapter 1 of Stay

Hey everyone,
   So as promised, I have an excerpt for you guys! I've been working on a story called Stay, based on the song called Stay by Florida Georgia Line with the chapters of the book being lyrics from the song. I haven't been updating it on Wattpad, and I don't want to until I get the whole thing down. That way, if I want to make changes to previous chapters, it won't be a big deal and I can do it before you guys see it.
   It's been taking me a while to write it because of my personal life and whatnot, but I'm about halfway through and I think it's time to show you a little bit of what I've been doing!
   Chapter one has been the same since a month ago, so I'm pretty sure that it's good enough to show you ;) Hope you guys enjoy!!! Be brutally honest and tell me what you all think!

Chapter 1: I’m Sorry

He watched her walk away from him- from their life- and stood helplessly as the door slammed shut. The physical pain he felt could never be described in just a few short words; it would take a whole book to explain the sudden emptiness in the air, like something-or someone- was missing, and a ten foot canvas to illustrate the gash in his heart.

He rushed towards the window, desperate to see her one last time. Her silky, brown hair blew around her in the Texas breeze, and showed off that gorgeous neck he used to kiss every morning. More tears threatened to come, but he shook it away. The last image of her will not be ruined and blurred by my foolish tears. Her face was set in determination, one of the infinite things he loved about her. Except this time, it was used against him, with her jaw set and eyes glued to her car to keep her from gazing his way. Roads of tears streak down her face and caused his hands to squeeze tighter on the window to keep himself from throwing the nearest object across the room.

I put those tears there. I put that pain in her eyes.

She opened the door and stood there, as if debating whether she should look back at him or not. Hope surged through him; his eyes started to glimmer, and his heart started to pump. Look at me. But the love of his life got in the car, igniting the engine while igniting his heart and burning it to ashes.

Her car started to fade, but he could’ve sworn she looked back. Just once.

I made her leave.


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