Accused by Wendy Byrne

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*

   Spawned from the depths of every parent's worst nightmare, Jillian Beckett's 16 year old troubled son is charged with murder. He's unable to remember what happened and swears he's off drugs, but should she believe him? Her ex-husband doesn't. The high-priced lawyer she hired doesn't. Where does motherly instinct intersect with reality?
   Afraid and alone, she reluctantly enlists the help of her son's football coach to find the truth of what happened. As they battle to uncover the guilty party, confidences are shattered, lives are on the line, while her son is one step closer to spending his life behind bars. 

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   It's been a while since I read this book but I haven't had a time to write a review, so I am deeply sorry, Wendy! Believe it or not, I still remember this amazing story.
   Accused is an amazing suspense/mystery that makes you want to just keep turning the page. It's in the POV of the mother and son and switches POV's to other people from time to time, which I think is super awesome because I love when I get to see into multiple people's mind.
   The best thing about this book is the mystery of it. There is so many characters and so many things at play that you just keep suspecting everyone as a possible suspect for framing her son. Sometimes you even think the son is just faking everything and is really behind the murder. YOU NEVER KNOW. All you know and that this mother and hot football coach are automatically shipped together and you're crossing your fingers that he isn't the bad guy.
   I can say... I didn't even know who the evil mastermind was until I was five pages from knowing the truth.
   It's so great because this book has stuck with me after all this time. I still remember the deck in the back of their house. When the football coach and mother had dinner out there and had a good time. One of her only happy moments throughout the whole book. I remember The boy and the girl he was involved with. When the mom finally figured out who was behind it when she went into the office to find evidence. The football coach's mom and how optimistic she was about the whole situation.
   I really remember it all and it just proves how this book will just stick to you for a very long time.
   It's amazing to read a book about such a supportive mom. No matter what crap her son has been through, she's been there to help him get out of it. And though she had no reason to believe her son this time, she did and she worked her ass off to find proof that he wasn't the murderer. It's not everyday that a mother would do that. She really cares for her son and she blames everything on herself, not others. Mother's are always so underestimated and it's nice to read this book and see the power a mother actually does have.
   So thank you, Wendy, for letting me read this and I'm so sorry it's been delayed. I can promise you it will not happen again!


  1. I love this book & this review. Is it posted on Amazon? For some reason Amazon keeps taking down reviews on this book! I wish everyone knew just how great this book is!


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