Miranda's Rights by Lily Luchesi

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

   The dead don't always rest easy...
   Retired detective, Danny Mancini, is haunted by nightmares after he found out that paranormal creatures exist. All he wants is to forget them... especially a certain half-vampire. When cursed werewolves show up to kill him, he is forced to go back to the Paranormal Investigative Division for help against a powerful old enemy. What he was not expecting was a dead ex showing back up after twenty-six years. 

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   Hey guys! Wow, even I didn't think that I'd be back this soon! But seriously, this series is so good. If you guys haven't read my review for the first book, Stake-Out, go and read that first!
   Miranda's Rights, the sequel, goes more in depth with Angelica's family and history... Which I think is sooooo interesting. I mean she's lived for two hundred years so she must have a lot of stories to tell, haha. We only saw a fraction of her story, but I think it was amazing to flash back to a different time period. I also loved how we saw Fiona (the antagonist) in a different light. In the beginning, she wasn't so bad... though why she turned so evil was kind of... stupid. Like okay you're mad but you don't need to go all bat crazy (did I spoil anything?...).
   I also loved how Miranda came into the picture. Everything just fit together so perfectly with her story, and though I hate her guts, she was another perfect antagonist. I (personally) didn't really like the way Danny treated her though. They were about to get married and when she came back (admittedly a different species and twenty-something years later), it's like she didn't mean anything to him. Like at least have a little sympathy even though she's lost her mind.
   Don't get me wrong, I hate her and love triangles annoy me so much, but you know... at least be sympathetic, you know? Nonetheless, I loved her story and she even got her own book all about how insane she is!
   Danny and Angelica? Yeah I ship it. So hard.
   Lily does a fantastic job with the story, changing the POV at just the right time. Right when I want to know about someone's thoughts or actions, she changes the POV to that person, like she saw the future and knew exactly what I was going to be thinking.
   I did see a few more grammar mistakes than last time, but it was still on the minimal side and I was super happy about that.
   I flew through this book so fast. Miranda's Rights is faster paced because there's no need to build up the chemistry and story. Though I love the story and character development, I love the action that occurs within the book. SO many new faces and twists and turns (MAN, THAT FREAKING ENDING)!
   In the end, this book was so very pleasing. It did have a little bit more blood with more detail about vampire bites, but since the first book already got me into the vamp world, it was not a big deal for me at all.
   I really hope you guys read this series, even if you're not into vampire books, it's a great series to start expanding your horizons. The writing is very smooth, and if you like multiple POV's, well this has them. I personally cannot wait for the third book comes out in August! I'll definitely have the review for that coming up ASAP ;)
   Well I hope this review was enlightening, hopefully I didn't spoil too much! Haha stay tuned for another review coming up ;)


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