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   Hello everyone! For people who are friends with me on Goodreads, I did promise a review today :) For anyone who hasn't seen the movie, don't worry, I won't spoil anything until the spoilers section at the bottom. 
   Okay, so there is some controversy going on about Insurgent. Some say it's really good and some say the don't like it. I, myself, liked it. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I can say though, that if you are someone who doesn't like any change from book to movie, then you won't like the Insurgent. But if you can accept change, then you'll enjoy. 
   The first part of the movie is actually close to the book. They took some stuff out because of their time limit, but overall, it was basically the same. The second part was different, and I think that's where it got some people. Almost everything was different. What they didn't change was the story line, so at least it wasn't like The Mortal Instruments movie where the whole plot sort of changed and everything was switched and mixed around. 
   The thing is, they sort of had to change the second part of the movie. The whole series is basically categorized as dystopian/action. Honestly, if they had the movie just like the book, Insurgent and Allegiant would be boring for the most part. Those two books have a lot of political/ governmental stuff going on, so she directer had to add more action parts to make the movie more interesting to make you want to come back. Now, on the other hand, changing it causes some fandoms to not like it, so it's hard to decide what he should and shouldn't have done. 
   Don't get me wrong, I love this series! I love the story and the author and the characters, but I have to admit that there isn't a lot of fighting parts in the second and third book. 
   What was really funny, was that I liked Peter in the movie xD I didn't ever really like him in the books, but they made him funnier. Uriah was in the movie, too. He only really had two scenes, so that was sad. I wanted to see more of him :,( Tris was very well played. I could see the emotion played out. The fight going on inside her, the guilt from what happened. Tobias was, as always, super hot ;) Another thing was I didn't really see any conflict between Tobias and Tris. I know they had to take some stuff out because of time, but I wanted to see that in the movie. Jennie was more... Evil for lack of a better word, in this one than Divergent. I liked that :) It was awesome seeing Tris' mom throughout the movie. It made me sad to see her and have her disappear. That would literally be torture if that happened to me. To see your mom die, and then see her everywhere? In dreams and simulations. Terrible. Tori! I love love love Maggie Q. She is such an amazing actress and I love all of the shows (NikitaStalker) and most of the movies that she's in (Priest, Divergent, Insurgent, etc)! So yeah, you can say I think she was awesome ;) Okay, Tobias' mom? Whoa man. I know she was young when she had Tobias, but JEEZ! Gosh... But she was still well played! She had the characteristics I expected from her. Strong, manipulative, but inside, caring towards Tobias in a both good and bad way. 
   Anyway, haha, overall, it wasn't too bad, but not great for me. I liked it! But didn't love it. Again, it's really preference on who you are. If your sitting there picking out the many details to judge (how the stunt doubles aren't exactly like actor/actress, or how things changed here and there, and oh! They left that out!) then I can assure you won't like it. Just sit and relax and enjoy a good movie :) 
   Whether you watched it or will soon, tell me what you think! I'd love to hear more from you guys and what you thought of the movie :) 
   Please do not continue reading until you have seen the movie :)
   Okay okay okay. Can I just say how youn Tobias' mom looked! She looked you enough to be his sister! Younger sister, if I might add. And I swore Tris called him Tobias and not Four once she realized his name? Or is that just me? 
   I found it sad that Tris never said 'I love you' back to Tobias. I know she was going through some stuff and with everything going on, they don't have a lot of time alone together, but still :/ I'm like 'Aw, Tobias! I love you!' Haha. 
   What did you guys think of the simulation? I think it was well done. NOTHING like the book, but they had to add something to have more fighting. I just thought the walls and Tobias dissolving into water or pieces or whatever it was, was kind of weird. Too... Animated... Even though it was a simulation... Haha the whole movie made me have complicated feelings. I didn't really feel anything when watching it. Except when Tris was talking abut killing Will and her talking to her mom in the simulation. But other than that, it didn't really get me. 
   DID YOU GUYS SEE URIAH??? When I read a book, I imagine someone the way I think they would look like, you know, most people do. But when I think hard about it, I can't really describe them unless I'm reading the characteristics off of the book. Uriah was a mix of what I imagined him to be and something different. I really wanted to see him more in the book. He plays such a huge part in the series. Not in the way Tris or Tobias is, but probably the same level as Peter or Caleb. 
   Anyway, tell me what you guys thought of the movie :) 


  1. Honesly I hated it..

    This movie made me so mad.. I was going to do a review on my blog but it would've just been a completely incoherent RANT.

    I didn't even like the books that much but I was just disappointed in Lionsgate because they did such a fantastic job on the Hunger Games movies and turned Divergent into garbage in comparison.

    I did love Peter but tht could just be because Miles Teller rocks.

    1. Yes, I can see that, too. They barely kept the adaptation the same to the books and that makes me sad :/ I was all adaptations was like Catching Fire or TFIOS. Just like how The Mortal Instruments movie sucked so much! Ugh. Haha.


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