The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall

   Hey everyone! I dissected a squid in my Biology class! This might make me sound like a total loser and weirdo, but it was actually pretty awesome! Haha. Anyway, I first wanted to talk a little about Maggie Hall. If she reads this, I hope she doesn't think I'm a weird person haha that would be very awkward...
   Maggie Hall was one of the two people that I really really enjoyed meeting so far. Key words 'so far' since I've only been to two book signings. When I met her at the NOVA Teen Book Festival, she blew my mind. She was really easy to talk to and super nice (and pretty... and just cool in general). I asked her what inspired her to write and told her about how I've tried writing multiple times but never got into it. After that day, I was really inspired to write (probably because she said to keep her updated on my writing and I didn't want to let her down xD ). I did have good stories to write but I emailed Maggie on some other questions about the story I'm writing (If you want to read Dream Catcher, click here) and she answered them very thoroughly without just one word answers (she also said she's cheering me on!!! *fangirling*). So this review is all dedicated to your awesomeness, Maggie (and it wouldn't be so bad if you read the story I'm writing ;) hehe)! I'm so sorry that it took me this long to read your book, I don't know why I did! But OMYGOD IT IS SO GOOD.
   Okay, on with the review. Obviously, I just said that I loved this book. The Conspiracy of Us is full of adventure and puzzles. The conspiracy is mainly based on the New World Order conspiracy (I spent all of my weekend researching it because I was so intrigued). Reading it, I liked how Maggie kept me on the edge of my seat, but I really liked how the whole story just flowed together. Everything fit together really perfectly :)
   Avery is very strong-willed and does what she thinks is right even if it puts her life on the line. What really saddened me about Avery is that I felt like she didn't have a lot of self-confidence in herself. At least in the beginning of the book. She didn't think she was good enough for anyone, always thinking they're doing something out of pity. While reading that, it made me sad :/ like 'No girl, you are gorgeous and amazing inside and out! You kill 'em girl.' I didn't see that so much in middle and end of the book (probably because she was too busy running for her life), so that was good :) I hope she feels that confidence in herself. I actually don't know if Maggie meant for her to have low self-confidence but that's what I felt she had xD So if you're reading this, Maggie, and I'm getting it all wrong, I'm so sorry!
    Jack is like total hotness #TeamJack <3 Seriously though, I like how he isn't that arrogant, cocky guy that most girls go for in books. Not saying it's a bad thing, but it's refreshing to read about a girl to like the mysterious but very gentle guy. I really like how it wasn't always Jack saving Avery all the time, but they worked together as a team to figure things out and escape danger together.
   AND THEIR FIRST KISSSSSS AHHHH *swoons* lol xD Loved it! And under the covers ;) haha. Their chemistry that they have is amazing. Avery had to learn how to trust him again and Jack had to figure out what he wants in the future; they both tried and failed to not like each other and when they couldn't fight it anymore, they don't even have enough time to process it before they're sucked into danger again. But at least they know that they have each other <3
   And Stellan. He is that arrogant, cocky guy that I was talking about earlier. Stellan is so so funny and annoying but there's this other side to him that we catch a quick glimpse of in the book. The side that cares about his family, hiding his hurt from what happened before The Circle. It makes me want to have Map of Fates just so I can see more of his past.
   The actual plot of the story has so many, as I said before, twists and turns, you never really know what's going to happen next. And those damn Order people. They just come out of nowhere every 5 minutes! I'd be sitting on my bed like
Gosh, I hate them. I mean, I can totally see where they're coming from when they don't want The Circle running everything, but killing them? Fast, yes, but not the best way.
   Okay, I think I got off track. Back to the plot. I really learned a lot of history while reading The Conspiracy of Us. Probably because I was so intrigued that I had to google everything on the NWO and I kept clicking on links. It must've taken a lot of research by Maggie to connect everything to perfectly together, put in the right background, and make the story true and exciting all at the same time.
   There's really nothing to say except to say that if you waited for an ungodly amount of time like me, you must get this book. Now.
   Hopefully this wasn't a too crazy post. Do tell me who yo guys like Maggie's book so I have someone I can talk to about it without worrying about spoilers!!!
   I shall go wait for Map of Us now.


  1. Have you ever read any of Ally Carter's books, because personally I saw a lot of connection with the plot and writing style when reading The Conspiracy of Us. I'm glad you enjoyed this book - I did too! I'm always in the mood for a bit of espionage. I read this book so long ago that I can't even remember Jack and Stellan; it breaks my heart a little. I guess I'll just have to choose one all over again when reading the next book haha. Great review!

    1. Thanks Preethi! And no, I haven't! Are her books any good? Always good to find new authors to follow ;) I'm so sorry that you forgot them! They are both so awesome, I'm sure you will remember them when Map of Us comes ;) lol. It really is difficult to remember so many characters that we've read; hard to keep track of them all! haha


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