Imposter by Chanda Stafford

*The author gave me an e-copy of this book for an honest review*
   Hello again :) Okay, only 1.5 more weeks of school left! So I had to wait a few hours to write this because I was so mad that I don't think I could've written a review with my mind on a goal to kill a certain someone xD If you want to get this book on Amazon, click here. If you would like to see my review for the first book, First, click here.
   First I want to thank Chanda for sending me another one of her books for me to review! I love talking to you on Twitter while I read through your story xD I hope you don't mind my venting about what happens haha.
   Okay, I really think that this book was much better than the first one in the series. I guess because Chanda didn't have to go into much detail behind how everything works so she could focus more on the action instead of the explaining. I also liked the different POV's. I love reading different POV's on the books that need it. I like seeing how different people think. I, myself, can't write in two POV's, so hard. Anyway, I feel like Chanda's writing was much better than in First. I think that it flowed better, like she got in the groove of this story more.
   Man... can I just sucker punch Will? Maybe throw him across the room and maybe kick him down there? I really hate that guy... but at the same time, I really want him and Mira to make up and be together. Argh. What he did to Mira and Evie is not cool, it don't believe in that and for him to do that just... Just... you shouldn't be doing that, okay? I don't want to give anything away, but argh. I hate that. And then at the end of the book when the Mira needed help? NO. JUST NO. Bastard. Sorry, excuse me for my language. But seriously? You promised Mira you'd help him and what do you do? Walk away. I mean I don't care if you hate him, you keep you're promise and that's the end of that! Even if you didn't promise, you don't just leave him there! JEEZ.
   I feel so bad for Will, I really do. But he just acts like a freaking child throughout the book. I don't blame that on Chanda (okay, well maybe just a little haha) but OMG GROW UP. Gosh. Ugh.
  Okay, I should stop before I spill the beans and you all get mad at me for giving away what happens. Don't let what I just said keep you from reading this book, it's really good! And I'm glad that it makes me feels this much annoyance. It just shows how awesome the writing it to make me so mad from a screen full of words.
   Mira. I don't know how anyone can be that strong. I mean how do you hide the fact that you're you and pretend to be someone you just met for a few months? It's incredible but not really realistic. I mean yeah, people doubted it being Socrates, but those were really just people trying to start something. Will didn't even know and him out of all people should have. I guess since he was stuck in his own anger and sadness that he didn't notice, but still.
   What Mira did throughout this book is beyond bravery, really. It's... You really can't explain it. She's a warrior in her own way. She doesn't kick people's asses, but she goes against everyone to fight for what she wants. Whether she had to hide her identity or get strangled by a crazy man, she still doesn't give up. I really admire that in her. Today, people like to go with the status quo; the people that don't are called 'weird' or 'geeks'. Which is so so stupid. But Mira doesn't care. The way she carries herself doesn't make her 'weird', it makes her a fighter.
   I really loved this book. It made me want to cry and laugh and scream all at once. I swear I think my mom thinks I'm Bipolar now xD Seriously though, there was something so intriguing at every page that I couldn't stop until I finished the book. And even then, I wasn't satisfied in the way that I wanted more. I always want more with this book. I'm going to be really sad when the series ends :( I think I would rate this a 4.7 stars out of 5! Truly amazing <3 it was just that little detail on the realistic-ness of it. I know these books aren't realistic in the fact that people can't use other people to live forever, but I think the way people act and how they behave should be realistic.
   Thank you Chanda again, for being so kind :) I hope to hear from you on the third book! I can't wait to read more of Mira and I hope Will gets his act together haha.
   That's it for now, everyone. I should go and get some studying done for tomorrow. Night guys! 


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