Paper Towns Movie

   Hey everyone! I'm back with a review :D Firstly, I want to say that I've just updated Dream Catcher on Wattpad! I know it's been a while, but I've been plotting the story so it flows better :) Please go check it out and let me know how you like it! If you want to check out my story, click here.
   So it looks like the house painting will take longer than expected... bummed, but it's okay :) I just miss seeing my beautiful books on my shelf. Anyway, let's get onto this review!
   What I really like about both Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars movie is that they're both pretty loyal to the book. Paper Towns wasn't as spot-on as TFIOS, but it was actually really awesome. They left out a couple of things, like when Q fell off his bike and she helped him. Or when they break into Sea World, but overall, it was really good. I read this book a long time ago (haha probably just like a year ago), so I didn't remember the little details to nit-pick about, but that just made me enjoy the movie more. 
   Paper Towns is about a girl who runs away and a boy in love, trying to find her. The movie was filled with hilarious jokes, and moving moments. Although, I didn't feel as much as I did with TFIOS. Honestly, Paper Towns isn't one of my favorites of his. Despite it being a John Green book, I found the book and movie not as satisfying as everyone made it out to be. There was so much hype that I expected so much more.
   Even though, it wasn't one of my favorites, I was glad that it stuck with the book for most of the parts. The ending was a little different though, I really wanted it to stay true to the book for the ending, but it didn't. Yes, the outcome was the same, but I wanted the others to be there.
   In the end, I thought the story was pretty good. The acting was really good, and the whole experience was fun. I just missed the chemistry, probably because Q and Margo are only together for less than half of the book.
   Although, if you are a huge John Green fan, you will really enjoy the movie. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't let this review stop you from seeing it. It was pretty good, just not as much as I expected.
Please do not continue reading until you have seen the movie :)
   I really do love how Ansel Elgort made an appearance in the movie :D That was pretty awesome when I saw him at the gas station. It reminded me of TFIOS and how John Green made an appearance at the airport!
   I really do wish the group stayed with Q at the end of the book. I wanted them to yell at her. To be mad, so I could feel some emotion.
   Overall, it was good, though, so I guess that's what matters :)


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