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**A songfic inspired by Florida Georgia Line**

Jason has beed keeping dark secrets from his wife. When Emily finds out, she's less than thrilled. So furious that she left to go live with her mother half an hour away.
Jason doesn't know what to do. He's called, texted, visited. No matter what, she refused to confront him. He loves her to death, would do anything to get her back. Anything. But is that enough for her? 
Emily can't believe she's fallen for his tricks again. But for some reason, she still has thoughts of him, has a need to be with him. She's tired of pushing her feelings away, but she can't stand to hear his voice on the phone without bursting to tears. She's stuck between a rock and a hard place, desperate to leave the sob-fest and make a decision. Most importantly, the right one. 

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